Me and my partner in crime Mike Devious made some dinner, check it out.


Music Industry to Abandon Mass Suits

RIAA stops serving Individuals


Mod & overclock Wrt54g Router

On Fri 21st  I decided to overclock and up the mW on my linksys, i upped’ the output from 28 mW to 200mW (max 251) and overclocked the processor from 216 to 280 (max 300)….well it worked at first , then it didn’t.  I had somehow corrupted the nvram(non-volatile) which held the overclock setting….little did i know at the time the reset button reset everything EXCEPT the nvram.  So yes i bricked the router.  Had to build a JTAG cable (pictures soon, i promise)  solder a header to the board to reflash the nvram over a parallel connection.  right now its at 252 from 216 and its stable


F*** Yeah

A week ago i purchased a AirLink101 AWLC4130 card for 25 dollars.  Backtrack users report that is 100% supported using madwifing drivers (injection aka replay).  It has an atheros chipset which also happens to be supported by commview for wireless which means that is can be used to crack and replay using windows.


Fun Fun Fun Fest

FUN FUN FUN FEST :  November 8th and 9th, Punk stage Headliners

The Adolescents, All, The Dead Milkmen, Bad Brains, Bouncing Souls, DOA, Cromags, Leftover Crack, ……….

50 bucks with a student ID,  not too bad


……its Been a While

Hey guys, its been crazy the past few weeks.  Ive been constantly studying for server 2k3/Microsoft exchange and SQL.  And everything else has been projects and research. 

About 6 months ago i decided to put DDWRT on my linksys wrt54gs router and its been running fine. Last week i decided to overclock it.  The performance has incresed and so has the temperature. 

PROJECT 1 :  Add heat sink and speed controlled Fan to Router.  (Using a potentiometer that can also turn off)  

Links :

EDIT :  I also didn’t like the color of the lights on the front so i removed and resoldered a white led for Internet and a red for power.

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